Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Vases

Hello friends! Today I'm here to share with you another really easy DIY project that can be put together in less than 10 minutes. And the best part... it's really inexpensive and potentially even free if you have a Mason Jar and some fabric or ribbon scraps on hand! :) 

So here we go with a super easy, extremely simple tutorial for how to make Mason Jar Vases. Seriously, you're going to wonder why you never did anything like this before now ;)

So, basically like I said before, you're going to need a Mason Jar, some fabric or ribbon scraps, and a hot glue gun to make these. That's literally all you need. Awesome huh?

Now, on to the directions. To make mine, I used leftover scraps of burlap ribbon that I had used on other projects to act as the base ribbon that gets wrapped around the Mason Jar. I measured with the ribbon around the jar, allowing a little extra for overlap, and just trimmed a piece that would fit around the middle of the jar. 

To attach it to the Mason Jar, I used hot glue to first glue down one end of the ribbon directly to the jar. Then I wrapped the ribbon around the front of the jar and hot glued the free end of the ribbon on top of the end that was already glued down. I made sure to line up the ends of the ribbon as perfectly as I could so that it seems like one seamless piece of ribbon around the jar. 

Then it's time to embellish! I had all of the scraps that I used for the embellishments on hand. In my opinion, the more scraps you have, the more fun this is! I really had fun mixing and matching decorations and this has seriously made me want to go out and buy every color of burlap ribbon out there. Are any of you surprised? ;)

This first one is actually probably my favorite. I used grey bakers twine wrapped around the grey burlap and then made a rosette out of some lace scraps that I had. I used hot glue to attach the rosette to the front of the vase.

This second was the easiest but still really cute and natural looking. I wrapped twine around the vase 3 times and tied a bow in the front, hot gluing the loops and the ends of the bow down onto the burlap so that it doesn't come undone.

For this next one, I wrapped red and white bakers twine 5 times around the jar and spaced them out evenly so that it gave it a striped look. Then I made a flower out of red burlap and glued it to the front. A button glued to the middle of the flower gave it the perfect finishing touch.

I actually think this one would be really cute for Christmas too! :)

For this last one, I just made small loops with twine and hot glued 6 of them to a little piece of burlap as a base to form a flower. Then to finish it off, I added a small circle of burlap as the center of the flower. 

I like how fun and summery this one turned out! 

And that's how simple it is, my friends! I love how they turned out and like I said before, I love how many options there are! I have so many more ideas floating around in my head for how I'm going to decorate my next Mason Jar Vases. I think I'll try making some wrapped with lace ribbon as the base rather than the burlap ribbon. You can really do anything with these!

The options for how to use these in your home are endless as well! You could use them as a vase for flowers, a toothbrush holder, a pencil holder, or even to store small craft items like beads or ribbon.

I used quart sized Mason Jars for the ones shown in these photos, but these could also be made with the smaller Mason Jars to give you even more options! And if you choose to leave the lids on, you could use them to store food items as well.

I think I might make a few extras so that I can give them as gifts also. Wouldn't you love to receive one of these as a gift with some candy or baked goods inside? I know I would! :)

So on to the second part of this blog post (you didn't know there was a second part, did you?)... some of you may have noticed the little bench that my Mason Jar Vases are sitting on and are wondering where it might have come from. Well, my friends, I am proud to tell you that my hubby made it! Isn't it awesome?

Yeah, I'm a pretty proud wife :)

He made it almost entirely out of pallet wood, using some building plans that he found online. I believe it was an Ana White plan, but I'm not 100% positive at the moment and the hubby's not around to ask. However, when I finish the bench and post about it, I will link to the plan online in case any of you are interested in making one for yourself :)

So now that you've seen the bench, I need some feedback from you all! How should I finish this little guy? Should I stain it, paint it, or both?! There are so many choices and I really want your help deciding! Please please please leave me a comment and give me your opinion!

And to those of you who already gave me some feedback on Instagram when I posted the pic and posed this question last night, thank you! I really appreciate hearing what you all are interested in seeing and I can't wait to hear what the rest of you think!

Have a good night, all!

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  1. Such a cute blog! I must follow :) I really like the bench as is, but if you do anything to it, I think staining it would look nice! Maybe something darker, make it look more vintage :) But I'm no expert on this so do what you think is best! lol Sometimes if it's not done right I think paint can make things look cheap, but who knows!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I'm always happy to welcome another follower ;)

      A darker stain was definitely one of the options I was throwing around in my head so thank you for the input! I think that would make it really versatile and definitely vintage like you said!

  2. Thanks for sharing this on Kammy's Korner! I pinned - so cute!

  3. Hi Lauren....these are adorable...:) Just wanted to let you know that you won the Creatively made home e-course. I will forward your email to Jennifer and she will be in contact with you...Congrats..! could you send me an email at just to confirm that you have indeed seen this message. thank you...xo