Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy Times!

Wow! Life has been so busy, but has been filled with so many exciting things lately! I just can't believe how fast time is flying by. We're already halfway into June, people!

Anyways, tonight I'm not really here to share anything in particular with you, just a little bit about some of the things that have been going on lately. Once everything settles down I've got a LOT of crafting and recipe ideas to share with you, but for now you'll have to hang with me while we get through these slow times together. I promise this blog will turn into the true DIY blog that I've intended it to be soon - just let me get through the crazy moving process first :)

One of the first things I have to share with you is the progress on our house! Here are some of the latest pictures of the start of construction.

And we have basement walls! Yay! I think they start framing next week - I can't wait until it actually starts looking like a house! 

We also went and picked out all of our light fixtures the other day, which was fun. I'm really happy with the choices that we made and I can't wait to see everything when it finally all comes together. I must say also that I'm quite surprised with how easily it has been for Eric and I to agree on a lot of these decisions. It's turning out to be pretty easy to make choices together! Gotta love that! :)

I made another pallet sign last weekend as a birthday present for a friend's mother that I wanted to quick share with you too. Proverbs 3:5-6 is her favorite verse and the weathered red barn wood coloring worked with her decor in her family room so this turned out perfect! I'm thinking about making another one kinda like this to this to sell since I'm so happy with how it turned out - if you're interested in purchasing something similar please let me know!

Finally, I wanted to share a picture with you of the little cabinet that I purchased yesterday - my first furniture purchase for the new house! I'm so excited! I haven't dared to buy too much yet without having hardly any of the house finished at this point, but I saw this piece in the photo below for sale at a little store in town and couldn't resist! This is a picture of it at the shop because at the present moment, it's tucked away behind a lawnmower and a motorcycle in my parents' second garage - not prime photo location :) I think the only thing I'm going to change are the knobs, otherwise it's just perfect! And it was only $80!

I think it will go perfectly in our new home! What do you think? Now I get to start thinking about what kinds of cute little things I can display on it and where it will go once we move in - I have so many ideas already! 

Talk to you again soon!


  1. Love your DIY projects :) Also glad to find another West MI blogger!

  2. Love it! Where did you get the cabinet? It is AWESOME!!

    Thanks for the post :)

  3. Thanks for the comments! I'll definitely have to check out your blog sometime chicksinthemitt :)

    And Kaylee, the cabinet is from "Nu 4 U" next to Mocha n Music in Hudsonville. It's only been there for a few months, but they have some really cute stuff. Was so excited to find that cabinet! :)